2 Kills in 1 Evening | Mike turns the Obsession loose

After tagging out on bucks in Oklahoma, Mike grabs his Obsession bow and puts the hammer down on a Doe and Hogs.

2 Kills in 1 Evening | Mike turns the Obsession loose

About the Hunt

After tagging out on bucks in Oklahoma ( Watch Mikes Oct. 1st StudMikes OLD Management Buck ) He just can't get enough!

He grabs his Obsession Bow and heads off to a stand location where he has been seeing a ton of activity on his Tactacam Cell Camera.

Mike manages to stick 2 awesome shots on a doe and hog before finishing up for the evening.

Michael Harrell

Michael Harrell is the Owner of the Surrender Outdoors brand and Host of SOTV. Michael is a Diehard hunter and outdoorsman. Michael started Surrender Outdoors in 2012 after feeling led by the Lord to share his story and message to others through his passion for the great outdoors!

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